There’s an App for That! 18 App Groups with African-based Apps

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With the boom in smartphone uptake in Africa, there has been significant growth in local app development. App culture has become intertwined in almost every part of society. Africans are increasingly looking for the fastest, cheapest and simplest way to solve every day issues while on the move.

Below is a list of some of the app categories that exist in the African market. Together with this list are examples of African-based apps that support the categories.

1. Finance

  • PesaCalc (Kenya)


  • SnapnSave (South Africa)

SNAPnSAVE is making waves.

  • Jara (Nigeria)

3. Agriculture

  • Esoko (Ghana)


4. Health

  • Mobile Triage App (South Africa)

South African doctors, Dr Yaseen Khan and Dr Mohammed Dalwai.



  • Vula Mobile Health (South Africa)

  • Find-A-Med (Nigeria)

5. Education

  • iPad Learning (South Africa)

6. Travel and traffic

  • Aweza (South Africa)

  • Gidi Traffic (Nigeria)

7. Social Networking

  • Tutlub (Nigeria)

8. Fashion and beauty

  • African Fashion App (Ghana)

9. Sport and Fitness

  • Truppr

10. Food

  • HelloFood (Kenya)

11. Shopping and Deliveries (Retail)

  • Wumdrop (South Africa)

12. Music &Entertainment

  • Afrinolly (Nigeria)

13. News

  • Eyewitness News App (South Africa)

Eyewitness News is an independent, award-winning South African news organisation.

  • 9ja Gallery (Nigeria)

This is a Nigerian app that covers African news, events, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, cooking, technology, beauty, and gossip.


14. Real Estate

  • Anza (Kenya)

Find real estate in Kenya the easy way. Use the Anza app to find residential & commercial property as well as land.


15. Business

  • MyAds (Nigeria)

16. Careers

  • Jobberman (Nigeria)

17. Elections

  • Nigerian Election Mobile App (Nigeria)


  • News24 Elections Map App (South Africa)

18. Gaming

  • Kuluya (Nigeria)

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