Collaborative Innovation and Scaling by Tech Start-ups in Ethiopia

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Open African Innovation Research (AIR) is a unique collaborative network of researchers including several case study researchers such as Seble Baraki. In this video, Baraki explains her research into how and if collaboration is happening in high technology hubs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

For more information on her research, please see:
For more information on all our case studies, please see:

Thanks to generous funding by SSHRC, IDRC, and DFID. Video produced in cooperation with Go Trolley.

Producers: Chris Armstrong & Victoria Schorr
Executive Producer: Jeremy de Beer
Directors: Chris Armstrong & Jo Higgs
Videographer: Jo Higgs
Editor: Mike Shepherd
Production Assistants: Candide Uyanze, Sileshi Hirko, Jeremy Baarbé, Adam Soliman

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