Webinar – Opportunities in digitising agricultural value chains: Our learnings so far

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The GSMA mAgri programme hosted a webinar to present the opportunity in agricultural value chain digitisation in developing countries. The webinar focuses on the agricultural last mile, as at the web of relationships and transactions between buyers and sellers of crops. We focus on the implementation models and incentives for mobile operators and tech providers to offer a range of last mile digital tools that drive efficiencies for agribusinesses and farmers. In addition to mobile money payments and digital financial services, the webinar looks at the whole spectrum of last mile digital tools, including mobile-based information services (agronomic advisory) to smallholders, mobile-enabled farm management systems, track and trace systems that support certification and traceability compliance for agribusinesses and farmers, agricultural Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and agribusiness analytics solutions such as precision agriculture.

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