The power of mobile to improve access to energy – Fenix and MTN Uganda’s story

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In emerging markets, access to mobile is rapidly outpacing access to basic services such as access to energy. To reach global goals such as SDG 7, universal energy for all, mobile technology is increasingly providing new solutions and unlocking new business models. In Uganda, as this video shows, the innovative partnership between Fenix and MTN Uganda is improving energy access for 700,000. Their mobile-enabled solar PAYG kit, ReadyPay, is bringing cleaner and affordable energy to families and businesses.

The project was initially funded by the GSMA Mobile for Development Utilities programme, who promotes the use of mobile to improve or increase access to energy, water and sanitation services. The Mobile for Development Utilities programme has launched the ‘Mobile for Energy Access initiative’ to increase co-operation between the mobile and energy industries in striving towards SDG 7.

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