sub Saharan Africa – Our Broadband Story

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Sub-Saharan Africa: Our broadband story


  • MBB is set to increase from 24% in 2015, to 57% in 2020
  • This growth is primarily due to the leapfrogging of landline communication and  consumers directly entering the mobile device space
  • The increase in mobile phones, particularly internet-enabled devices will propel the growth in MBB

Drop in cost of internet enabled devices leads to extended reach


  • The availability of affordable mobile devices has brought with it a chance to include previously marginalized technology consumers in the digital world
  • It has brought the power of the internet to areas where adequate fixed line infrastructure lacked
  • The increasing affordability of smartphones to the middle-lower income group will contribute greatly to the uptake of the devices in future

Mobile broadband powered by 3G and 4 G will dominate the market



  • As consumer mobile usage becomes more data-driven; network upgrades will centre around 3G technology
  • Current 3G, tech-savvy consumers will be/are on the lookout for speedier network performance; they will be the opinion leaders & catalysts for 4G growth in the region



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